Hot Trends Of Beautiful and Unique Dining Table in 2018

The kitchen has more meaning for the family, dining space is no longer only used the kitchen just to cook, but they are where family reunion, it is no less important to the living room. Therefore, the emphasis on interior design for the dining room being more interested, beautiful dining table design trends are changing day by day. The updated Interior trends consistent with the House will make you feel relaxed, happy, fun when the same people gather family moment party.

1. The traditional style dining table

Tables and chairs designed in the traditional style give the users a warm feeling from rustic wood, natural friendliness combined with simple chairs cushioned gently. This furniture is sure to create highlights for your house.
Dining table combines modern and traditional style has really become popular and they attract the selection of households.
The traditional structure with 4 simple legs but still table always attracts homeowner because of simple beauty simple beauty without losing elegance of the furniture.The traditional style dining table

2. Tables and chairs have matching material

Frame wooden table combines glass and wood chair, or a table of natural stone, artificial stone, chrome legs and plastic chairs wooden leg is a simple minimalist style that favored families today.

Dining tables and chairs combine many raw materials would make the perfect accents for kitchen room space. Tulip dining table can be combined flexibly between several chairs from different materials such as wood or composite …Tables and chairs have matching material

3. Simple Nordic and luxury dining tables

This is one of those simple trends but luxury with many unique design lines in each space help your kitchen become more prominent. With Nordic style design, you only need a dining table and chairs in bright colors will make your kitchen brilliant equally the other rooms in your house.Simple Nordic and luxury dining tables

4. The traditional dining table designs

With the style of the traditional old house designs, the selection of a set of tables and chairs to traditional ancient style is too fit, the seats have a unique design combined with the design table with dark colors, showing the ancient. The interference creates a unique medium design old medium to create warmth, friendliness and fancy. This ancient traditional style will be an indispensable trend as more and more people prefer the old style house with the luxuriant garden.The traditional dining table designs

5. Dining table and chair A – frame

The table has A – frame with thin slats, natural wood and soft colors with the pretty small chair, will make you feel the space of the kitchen back should be more open, more delicate pretty sharp. The design is suitable for the important party to the family meal because the subtlety, elegance always make the user feel relaxed.
From trends in aggregate, you know hot food trends 2018 furniture is designed to be simple, subtle but no less unique and luxurious and rather. We hope that this article will give you a new look and help you choose is suitable for your family’s space this year.Dining table and chair A - frame

Nguyen Moc Décor is one of the companies producing furniture with a unique design, with skilled workers doing bring quality products to hop prices. Nguyen Moc Decor will bring you many good quality products at affordable prices which are suitable for everyone’s pocket. These are tables and chairs, decorative coffee tables, wooden table, wine bottle and glass holders … with simple style but original presenting the unique personality of the owner and the talent of the craftsmen. Here are some of the most beautiful, most attractive wooden dining table models that anyone cannot take their eyes off. The quality with the motto “bring real value”, we expect customers to be using real products with real rates in the repository. With a professional staff, we do not just sales that the desire to establish long-term relationships with customers.

Wooden Dining Tables – The Best Choice For Your Furniture

Wild Dining Table

A wooden dining table should be chosen for these reasons

In feng shui, five elements are: Venus- Jupiter – Mercury – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn, Jupiter is considered the weakest, little effect on most human destiny. But the issue was considered Jupiter most feasible solution, easy application for anyone who wants to change, modify feng shui in home.
Wood has primarily yang energy, but it also has elements of yin. It is associated with the season of Spring and new beginnings, new life, and new growth. It has the qualities of combined strength and flexibility.
Furniture is what can be decorated easily in each house, they not only bring the value of substance and aesthetic but also create a healthy living space, and it is important to promote a natural airflow in the house, in accordance with feng shui in general. It is also one of the reasons, the construction industry experts recommend that customers should use the wooden furniture in the house.
Furniture in the home kitchen is always the owner’s interest because a full kitchen with modern amenities will bring excitement to everyone in the family, especially the women. Comes to kitchen furniture, certainly indispensable dining table – where family meals gather together. Many people have chosen for your kitchen wood dining sets. So why wooden dining table is favored so much?
Wood is a widely used material in interior design, as this material is popular, easy to process, and easy to mix with other materials. It appears everywhere in the house from the floor to the furniture. Wood products provide a warm feeling of living space and are rarely outdated. In addition, furniture made from wood is easily combined with furniture in different styles ranging from modern style to classic one. Wooden furniture is used widely in Vietnam because it is less heat-absorbing and often gives a cool feeling.Wooden Dining Tables - The Best Choice For Your Furniture

A Durable wooden dining table

At present, the common material used to make dining tables is natural wood or laminated wood. Each type of wood has advantages and disadvantages, but generally, two types of materials are very durable, little is lost, damaged over time, especially in natural wood.

Wooden dining table with various designs bring more choice

Wooden dining tables are now made with many designs are varied, can easily combine perfectly with the space in dining room, from broad to narrow, from the simple, modern style to the luxurious dining room to express aesthetic as well as the level of homeowners.
If the living room is where the host welcomes guests and relaxes with the family and friends, the dining room is where people gather together, enjoy delicious dishes after a long day of study and work. It is also the place to hold family parties as well as to receive friends and guests. With such an important role, any family has to have a beautiful dining table! It is not just a simple dining table, but also an intimate friend of the host when they receive guests or hold a party. Do you need to buy a unique dining table?Durable wooden dining table

Wood dining table easy to use

Wood is a material is evaluated with the friendly, easy to use in the room, bring many benefits as well as matching features rustic, natural. Natural wood is less moisture and tough, hard, with high stability, resistant to impact. So without too fussy to clean and be careful in the process of using this type of table.

Wooden dining table at affordable prices should be easy to buy

Today the wood resources are scarce, so generally, the wooden furniture has higher prices than products made from other materials. Because of good quality and durable using, less damaged so when buying wooden dining table will save a lot of costs in repairing. You should choose for your family dinner table sets made of wood, suits with the bag of money just bring luxury to space in the room.

Wooden dining table protects your health

Besides, natural wood furniture making assured about their health when using. Because of the wood products from the very benign nature. Wooden dining table gone through less machining stages from the other material so they don’t contain chemicals harmful to health.
Therefore, for those who love a cool and fresh space, wooden furniture is a perfect choice. Now Nguyen Moc Decor is supplying a lot of wooden furniture. Nguyen Moc Decor will bring you many good quality products at affordable prices which are suitable for everyone’s pocket. These are table and chairs, wooden coffee table, wooden table, wine rack … with simple style but original presenting the unique personality of the owner and the talent of the craftsmen. Here are some of the most beautiful, most attractive wooden table models that anyone cannot take their eyes off. The quality with the motto “bring real value”, we expect customers to be using real products with real rates in the repository. With a professional staff, we do not just sales that the desire to establish long-term relationships with customers.Wooden dining table protects your health

Clocks Inventor – History Of Clocks

Art decorative clocks by Nguyen Moc

In history, there are many ancient civilizations on Earth using the astronomical phenomena to determine time or seasons, days, months, years … A method of measuring 60 system time appeared in the Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt 4000 years ago and then this time measurement system progressively to regions in Central America.
Clocks Inventor - History Of Clocks
Humans have invented thousands of tools to measure the time associated with the impact of human history and one of which became the great invention as wall clock, water clock, hourglass, candle clocks, incense clocks, astronomical clock, sundial, mechanical clocks, electronic clocks, atomic clocks …
The clock can be divided into clocks, watches, pocket watches. In addition, it is also associated with other devices such as computers, mobile, and fixed telephone … Wall clocks are used in homes and offices, the watches are worn on the hands, the kind the big clock placed in public places.
About 1450, clockmakers working probably in southern Germany or northern Italy started to make small clocks driven by a spring. These clocks represented an important landmark in horology and they are the first portable timepieces. The time-telling dials of these clocks usually had an hour hand only (minute hands did not generally appear until the 1650s) and were contacted with the air; there was normally no form of cover such as a glass until the 17th century, though the mechanism was enclosed, and the cases were made of brass.
Clock in Cape Town
In the late 14th century, the clock becomes an expensive jewelry. People often use a gold necklace to wear watches chest. The watch should be used in many different ways.
From the 16th century, the European clockmakers have tried a lot to make watches more and smaller size than, the style more beautiful, to be encrusted with diamonds and they also used these precious metals to make clock cases. At that time, if the nobleman proud antique watches, the church also honored on the big clock mounted in front.
In the 1700s, people made clocks and watches, exact to the minute. The wall clock is the watchmaker who had invented improvements in many different forms, designed as small as possible at gradually. The design of the clock became a big challenge because they have to ensure the accuracy and durability of the clock. The clock is not only a artwork of a talented artist but also furniture, can be mass-produced for use in the home.
There is one other type of water meter run of the sound should not be many users and it is highly prevalent in the 17th century, the period of the pendulum clock. This type consists of a cylindrical metal drum up, divided into apartments inside walls a, b, c, d, … and this apartment together and with small holes. Gravity has made the water flowing from the other apartments need it to rotate slowly and metal drums. Axis of the drum down gradually and mobile in front of a table just hours. One need only look at the horizontal axis which lies in numbers to know what time.
Unique Decorative Clock by Nguyen Moc
In expedition, especially by boat, they need to have the tools to measure the exact longitude and latitude. Longitude can be measured by astronomers and latitude should have an accurate clock. John Harrison was the first to manufacture the watches with a very high accuracy in the mid-18th century. After thirty-three years and building three enormous clocks later, he invented the fourth tiny clock and it was tested. The crew checked the clock on a trip to Jamaica. They arrived 161 days later, the timepieces was only five seconds off. Finally, John received his reward and was seventy-nine years old. However, they are still shooting for the ship can adjust the exact time for their clock in Cape Town.
On November 17, 1797, Eli Terry copyrighted the first clock. He was among those who set the watch industry in the United States.

Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic, invented the electric meter in 1840, used an electric motor and a magnet system. In 1841 he was granted a patent on the magnetic pendulum.Alexander Bain - a Scottish mechanic

Today, time is measured by the clock in different ways, from the quartz crystal for the half-life of a radioactive substance. Even the mechanical clock before, we just use the battery, not need winding as before.

Horizontal Wine Storage – You Truly Are Gourmet

Unique Horizontal Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Is A Gift From God

Wine, the fermented juice of the grape. Beverages produced by V. Labrusca, the native American grape, and from other grape kinds are also considered wines. When other fruits are fermented to produce a kind of wine, the name of the fruit is contained, as in the terms peach wine and blackberry wine. Wine is a precious gift from God because we must enjoy it with all our senses. The taste of wine reflects the climate, the land, the plants and the virtues of the grape growers. Each kind of wine is made according to a different formula and with a different grape variety so its taste is different. The taste of each wine is unique and it is suitable for some kind of food.Horizontal Wine Storage

Should Wine Bottles Be Placed Horizontally

In the wine cellar, place the wine bottle horizontally, so that the wine in the bottle is in contact with the cork. Cork is a natural wood product and has earned its millennia-old reputation as wine-stopper-of-choice because it provides an impermeable seal to keep out particulate that will degrade wine while remaining ever so slightly breathable to allow slow oxygen exchange. In order to provide this well-balanced seal, the cork has to stay wet. If the cork dries out, it shrinks and becomes brittle. Over time, this can cause it to disintegrate and even decompose. Bad news for wine inside the bottle!
Storing bottles on their side keeps wine in contact with the bottom of the cork. This keeps the cork wet, inside the bottle, maintaining the seal you need to protect your wine while preventing leaks and premature oxidation.Unique Horizontal Wine Bottle Holder

As you know, air is the greatest enemy of wine, once exposed to the wine atmosphere will almost transform into vinegar. Therefore, you must always remember to prevent air in the bottle. The sediment in the wine is from the settling of the mixture. It provides a great way to tell if the bottle has been disturbed. The sediment will mix with the liquid when this happens. Laying the bottle horizontally also helps regulate the gas exchange from the inside of the bottle to the outside.
In ancient times, when wine was stored in amphorae, skins and tissues were used that had been treated beforehand with oils and fats, but these altered the quality of the wine. Around the 5th century BC, the Greeks began using corks as stoppers, and by the 17th century, with the proliferation of glass containers, corks had been adopted as the standard closure.Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

You can find out all kinds of equipment for storing wine on the market or shop to keep your red wine in good condition: safe, cool and stable until you are ready to open it. From walk-in cellars to portable wine fridges, there is a wine storage for all types of red wine drinkers. You don’t need a specific piece of equipment to store your wine, however. All you need is a flat surface so that you can lay your wine horizontally until you are ready to drink it.
This is the perfect situation in which you want to age wine. With simple using demand wine, having a few bottles of wine for sipping on weekends or for meeting friends, we do not need to invest too much to preserve a few wine bottles. Wine bottle holders are the simplest, most cost-effective way to store your bottles in a horizontal position. Because your wine bottles are horizontal your cork remains moist and swelled which prevents your wine from unwanted air contact.
Unique wine bottle holders are suitable for the demand of your house but are highly decorative, eye-catching but also useful and convenient. Each of these art wooden wine bottle holders can be used to decorate in many positions in your living rooms such as on TV racks, in wine cabinets or on dining tables, etc. You can invest a unique wine holder immediately to create a beauty for your house. Besides, decorative wine bottle holders are not only suitable for all kinds of space but also are ideal gifts for your friends or relatives.

How to Hold Wine Glass Properly You Should Know

Tips To Hold A Glass Of Wine Properly

Learning about wine, there are many issues you should pay attention to. Not just the age of the wine, tasting wine, preservation, wine bottle holders… But enjoy wine also has its own way. Holding wine glasses properly also helps you become more luxurious and stylish than others. So what Is the right way to hold the glass? Is there anything else you need to know about wine?

How To Enjoy Wine

While enjoying wine and people just turn on the bottle upright, if only so you will certainly not feel all special flavor of wine glasses.
To enjoy a glass of wine with a full taste, the best way is ventilating for the bottle of wine by the bottle from a jar.
-With white and rosé wines: In the summer, cold soak before use because the standard temperature to enjoy this wine is 2 about 10 to 12 degrees C.
– With red wine: temperature 12 degrees higher standards should just barely soaked rock. If left too long can cause unattractive taste. Also, before you use red wine, you need to open the bottle of wine is about 15-30 minutes to “breathe”, ie react with oxygen, to fly less alcohol. This makes the taste of red wine taste better.How to Hold Wine Glass Properly You Should Know

How To Hold A Glass Of Wine Properly

The truth is you can hold a wine glass any way you want. We figure, as long as you’re actively tasting wine, it really doesn’t matter what you do. In spite of this fact, some social situations can’t be taken lightly. Maybe you’re at a classy event, banquet or someone is about to snap your mug on Instagram… either way, When taking the most luxurious banquet, wine is the drink indispensable. To express your knowledge, holding the glass of wine look polite are very focused.
First off, holding a glass by the stem avoids smudging, and keeps the bulb free of fingerprints. Keeping the bulb fingerprint free means you can more easily asses the wine’s color, and thereby determine things about it before ever even tasting it. For example, if there is a white wine in your glass and it seems to have a darker hue same the color of straw, this might be an expression the wine spent some time in oak. Examining the wine in this was is more of a practice utilized by sommeliers, but it’s fun to do every once in awhile.How To Enjoy Wine

The second reason the glass has a stem is that grasping the stem as opposed to the goblet makes it easier to whirl your wine. The action of whirling churns the liquid as it travels around the bulb, drawing in oxygen from the air and opening the wine up, helping it to discharge its aromas. Though it seems esoteric and a little pretentious, whirling can be the key to unlocking flavors and allowing for an appreciation of the wine’s “nose.”
Maybe the most intuitive reason to hold the stem is that when you grip the goblet, you warm up the wine. When a wine is too hot, the alcohol evaporates at a quicker speed. As a result, some of the more complex flavors are muddled with, and you can be left with a more flat tasting wine. When you hold the stem, you keep the wine at the proper temperature and thus serve it at its best. If you want to compare the situation to serving food, imagine serving ice cream that was already halfway thawed. It still tastes good, but it’s just not the same as the ice was meant to be.

Now, it’s crucial to note that grasping your wine glass by the stem is only relevant if your wine was served at the right temperature, to begin with. If your wine was ice cold, feel free to grasp it by the goblet to warm it up a bit first as serving a wine too cold results in all its flavors and aromas shutting down.
Given all this, why go stemless? One reason is stemless wine glasses are more flexible and can be used not only for wine, but for cocktails, or even juices. They’re also easier to handle and less fragile. When drinking from a stemless glass, go ahead and handle the base – how else would you drink the wine? We suggest using stemless wine glasses for more intro level, less complex wine at normal gatherings. When selecting between stem or no stem, it’s, as always, a matter of preference. The most important thing is that at the end of the night, the vino is enjoyed.How To Hold A Glass Of Wine Properly

Enjoy the wine, not just holding the glass of wine properly, the preservation of wine and put wine bottles in the right way as well as issues you should be concerned. Therefore, our product Wine bottle holders are the simplest, most cost-effective way to store your bottles in a horizontal position.
Unique wine bottle holders are suitable for the demand of your house but are highly decorative, eye-catching but also useful and convenient. Each of these art wooden wine bottles holders can be used to decorate in many positions in your living rooms such as on TV racks, in wine cabinets or on dining tables, etc. You can invest a unique wine holder immediately to create a beauty for your house. Besides, decorative wine bottle holders are not only suitable for all kinds of space but also are ideal gifts for your friends or relatives.

20 Stylish Garden Furniture & Outdoor Space Ideas

Stylish Garden Furniture & Outdoor Space Ideas

People are always looking for new ways to add value to their property, specifically their homes, whether by animating a kitchen or creating an open-plan space, but raising the price of your home doesn’t have to mean breaking out tiles or knocking down walls as your garden could offer the easiest answer to cashing in.
In fact, new research by gardening experts McGregor revealed that focusing on an outdoor space could help you add as much as £5,000 to the value of your home. this is because our homes are, on average, smaller than ever, so we’re looking to the outdoors for space to entertain and relax.’
The garden is definitely an extension of the kitchen and living space. Especially, if your homes are, on average, smaller than ever, so you should look to the outdoors for space to entertain and relax.

Making over your garden is one job that you will thank yourself for come summer time. There’s nothing quite like some alfresco living of an evening after work or on a sunny weekend and a beautiful garden space makes the prospect even more tempting. Prepare for an influx of outdoor space ideas from our favorite designers, from London townhouse terraces to island paradises. Read our Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide and shop our outdoor collections to get the look.

Tranquil Garden Nook

An inviting yard provides a mix of beautiful flora, shady nooks, a resting spot, and perhaps area to entertain. These outdoor space take it to step further, giving the owners a space to escape to their own backyard oasis. Find a unique way to design your own tranquil retreat.

Who’s not looking for a place to dive into a book? Why not enjoy the outdoors while reading a great novel. Ground covers and trees give you a lush garden with a little path for you to take to find that quiet place.
Tranquil Garden Nook
This effortlessly serene seating arrangement showcases the impact an outdoor space can have when it’s wonderfully well-designed. Laura Hammett uses a perfectly livable tonal palette of ivories, creams and dove greys alongside pretty decor, proving that it’s not just an option to decorate your outdoors with vases, baskets and throws like their indoor counterparts – it’s a necessity. Shop the collection which it inspired here.

Fresh and Morden Inner City Courtyard Garden

Designing a small city courtyard garden can be tricky business. There is only so much you can cram into a small space, so how do you achieve it all without creating a cluttered mess? First, start by making a list of everything you would like to accomplish in your courtyard and then prioritize your wish list.
Fresh and Modern Inner City Courtyard Garden
Lack of storage space is often a problem in inner-city courtyards. The garden pictured is an excellent example of how to have it all, in a small space. Using similar colors throughout the garden can help to create a harmonized space.
A unique feature for a city home (especially in the famed Eaton Square), a London courtyard calls to be seriously taken advantage of. To make this home’s outdoor area something special, Finchatton landscaped the space to create a lush, multilayered environment and then decorated with a modern ash grey flooring and contemporary garden furniture. A contemporary secret garden at its fines.

Monochrome Moment

Using similar colors throughout the garden can help to create a harmonized space. The garden in the photo uses greyed timber, which blends with the concrete and sofa cushions to create interest without conflict. With that being said, don’t hold back on a splash of color!

Helen Green chose an impossibly fresh alfresco vibe for this city aerie with updated wrought iron seating decorated with brilliant white upholstery, a smartly trimmed hedge for a touch of nature and simply glamorous golden pots. Mismatched patterns play on the cushions to soften the formality of the space.

Sunny Balcony Garden – Plants and Furniture

Balcony gardens are in some ways the perfect outdoor spaces. Convenient, large enough to sit on (hopefully) but not so big as to create too much work or study, just perfect to stamp your personality on and create really amazing things outside. They don’t have soil, so won’t have weeds, that’s great they have fewer pests.
So if you have a sunny balcony the best flowers or plants to have will be ones which can deal with lack of water. There’s a reason geraniums are the balcony plant of choice in Mediterranean countries, they are bright and colorful and won’t wilt if they are left for a few hours (or even days!) in the sun. Sunny Balcony Garden - Plants and Furniture

Katharine Pooley transforms this quintessential London square balcony with beautiful trees and a chic sofa and table set finished with alternating white and seafoam green cushions. The black and white chequered flooring is the ultimate London look.

City Haven

According to the designer Karina Lazareva “This is a belittled, familiar and surrounded by a ground floor apartment within the bustling city of Moscow; a tranquil space in which to avoid the fast pace of a professional lifestyle. Big shrubs and small trees break up the bound lines, hold the eye within the space, and make a degree of privacy from neighboring gardens and apartments.”

Inspired by his clients’ love of family and traditional sensibilities, Jordan Carlyle of Carlyle Designs transformed a New York Chelsea penthouse into a sky-high home which bridges the gap between urbane city living and transitional sophistication. “The biggest highlight of this project was that we had wonderful clients who allowed us to have complete creative freedom – that enabled us to play with all sorts of textiles, wallpapers, and furnishings. The end result was a sophisticated transitional paradise on top of Manhattan.” The transitional style extends to the home’s outdoor terrace which includes comfortable couch seating, an oversized circular mirror which reflects the city skyline and a dining set complete with elegant klismos chairs.

Cityscape Views

Take in cityscape views, relax in swimming pool, have a dinner with a special someone, or simply enjoy the greenery, perhaps with a book in hand, in the central Philadelphia location.
Although A.LONDON’s minimalistic approach to this terrace allows the iconic city skyline to do the talking, the furniture choices are far from simple. A unique dining chair made up of twisted bands and a barely-there frame adds just the right amount of texture whilst two capacious corner sofas, accented with vibrant outdoor cushions, provide plenty of apres-dinner seating.

East Hamptons Poolside

If you’ve been dreaming of relaxing summer days spent poolside, it may be time to consider hiring an East Hampton pool builder.
Bella Mancini adds classically-lined furniture in a timely limed wood finish to this Hampton’s patio and pool area. “With the outdoor spaces, we wanted to create spaces that felt like an extension of the inside – furniture that could live side by side in harmony when sitting in one area or another, from simple poolside sun loungers and garden chairs to exotic day beds, hanging chairs and modular outdoor furniture.” There are exciting shapes, spacious designs and chairs, sofas and sun loungers made for more compact locations. the designer recalls of the project. For that indoor-outdoor vibe, individual fabrics for the Restoration Hardware furniture were chosen for the outdoor area’s various zones. “It makes it all feel a little more custom and special than having everything the same”, Bella explains, “The furniture is clean, classic and timeless, just like the house.East Hamptons Poolside

Chic City Terrace

A.LONDON added texture to this rooftop venue in the form of the unique, contrasting weave of two facing sofas. The geometric pattern of the weave and its oatmeal color palette stand out against the rooftop’s glossy black woodwork. Oversized lanterns and planters, a wireframe table duo and a beautiful stone fireplace were chosen to elevate the look further.

Spanish Villa Style

Spanish style villa design is one of the Mediterranean style villa design, is of strong culture in the era of the fusion, the Spanish style villa design pays attention to the beauty of the form and space is fluent, combined with the modern life the advocation simple nature, send out a Mediterranean life romance and bold and unrestrained.
The creation of Spanish style villa design is the ocean amorous life experience space. To give people the vast empty feeling of the sky, unlimited access to nature, enjoy the sunshine. Blue and white, yellow, blue and purple and green, the earth yellow and red-brown is the classic color collocation of Mediterranean style villa design. Spiritual connotation: advocating nature, simple, enthusiastic, free and bold, colorful. The Spanish style seems undefinable because of her diversity and her charm. Therefore, if you want to design a Spanish style villa, you should not look for symbols, but to fully understand Spanish culture and understand the spiritual world of Spanish people.
Spanish style villa design is more influenced by Islam (Arab style), more mysterious, inside collect, composed, some heavy, colour also more primitive simplicity, architectural design elements and some change, another difference is that the villa interior decoration design, furniture design in Spain often with aristocratic temperament (15th century gothic Renaissance column type detail ~ silversmith type. The palace, the church’s super baroque, and the Mediterranean decoration design is more primitive nature.

Designer Eric Kuster sticks to a palette of white, white and white with this Altea Beach residence and the effect is one of luxurious simplicity.Spanish Villa Style

Celebrity Outdoor Style

For paparazzi-plagued celebrities, what better place to entertain than at home in the garden, in the seclusion of a chic dining area? Whether situated by a crackling fire pit or beneath a vine-draped pergola, the outdoor seating spaces of stars such as John Legend, Khloé Kardashian, and George Clooney are the perfect spots for intimate alfresco gatherings.

Kourtney Kardashian’s former home featured a heavenly seating area in its entryway. Created by Jeff Andrews, space plays on its fresh white backdrop with capacious skirted outdoor armchairs in a white linen-like outdoor fabric. A slick black ice pit, white rattan bistro set and lush citrus trees ground the seating area.

Perfect California Haven

Beverly Hills, California, in Los Angeles County, is 6 miles NE of Santa Monica, California (center to center) and 9 miles W of Los Angeles, California. The city is a popular tourist destination and lineaments some of the biggest houses in the county and the United States. Beverly Hills is one of the most costly housing areas in the country.
Can there be anything that epitomizes Beverly Hills more than an expansive garden with towering palm trees, set behind a spacious mansion? The home’s monochromatic scheme is mirrored in the outdoor furniture arrangements.

Calming Outdoor Living Space

Modern outdoor living spaces are known for restful and relaxing outdoor environments that resemble an indoor room without walls. Having an attractive and relaxing outdoor living space or outdoor room will enhance the appeal and value of your home. Popular outdoor living spaces include gazebos, arbors, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens.
Calming Outdoor Living Space
A wood-like frame upholstered in a white outdoor fabric is the quintessential outdoor furniture for brilliant white Mediterranean villas. Eric Kuster pairs plush cushioning with simple lines for an ultra-modern aesthetic which suits this property’s Spanish cliffside locale.

Dutch Colonial Garden

Colonists and Europeans often exchanged plant material. Species from the “New World” were shipped to England, and plant material that originated in areas such as Mainland China traveled through Europe before making the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Plants brought to the Colonies included fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and flowering bulbs. Colonists from England and the Netherlands created gardens that reflected their traditions as well.
With such a glorious backdrop, Jennifer Post chose to accent this lush poolhouse area with classic white loungers and a blue and white seating ensemble, which pays homage to the white-trimmed and clapboard-clad Dutch Colonial style of its main house.

Tailored Relaxation

Laura Hammett masters lounger heaven with this perfect poolhouse arrangement. Five identical loungers (in a smart grey and white stripe fabric) are accented with matching side coffee tables for an outdoor look that’s seamless and sophisticated. “What I like about these pieces is the timber that is used. It’s beautifully crafted and soft to touch. Wood is definitely my preferred material of choice when it comes to outdoor furniture in the UK. This is predominantly down to the fact that timber retains its heat so well.”

Minimalist Terrace House

A minimalist terrace is something really 21st century like and trendy, this is not only a terrace of a president suite in some super expensive hotel, you can create such a fashionable space at home. Go for a natural wood deck to add warmth or for concrete or tiles to make the floors more durable. Be laconic in furniture choice and the use of materials: concrete, stone and wood are sufficient, and if you think it’s boring – just play with textures. Black and white are traditional colors for minimal style, add grey, blue or some other bold colors to make your terrace livelier.
Minimalism reigns supreme in a Hollywood Hills raised terrace. Taking inspiration from the home’s clean lines and architectural forms, each area of the terrace is given its own function, whether dining, hosting or relaxing, and is kept uncluttered and simplified. In the foreground, a singular dining table set stands simply before glass railings, which allow an uninterrupted view of the garden below. A mirror set on the back wall is used to emphasize the garden’s size in a clever design move.

Contemporary Ibiza Terrace

For her own Balearic villa, designer Brigitta Spinocchia-Freund spared no effort in creating inviting and varied outdoor spaces. Here the seating area is flanked on one side by a bar; elsewhere on the property are a meditation and spa complex and a children’s garden modeled after Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

Comfortable Garden Design

Remember you’re out to create a space, like making house and garden join seamlessly with continuous concrete floors and separated only by glass doors. Design the outdoors as a place to live in year-round. Don’t think of it as a place to visit on special occasions. Think rest and tractability as well as the outdoor fireplace, shower, spa, and bed.
“The reason I loved the style of these pieces is that they have a slight classical feel to them,” Laura Hammett explains of this circular outdoor seating arrangement, “As a company, we’re not modern but we’re not traditional either. I like to think that we sit somewhere in-between – timeless designs. I’m not a big fan of the very blocky or very minimal outdoor furniture, but I also don’t generally love ironwork.”

Ocean View Balcony Seating

The views of this Altea cliff house demanded a frontal seating arrangement along its expansive balcony. Designer Eric Kuster incorporates an expansive sofa which perfectly blends into nature which surrounds it.

Al Fresco Dining

In the same project as the curved seating, Laura Hammett brings a touch of indoor style to this al fresco dining arrangement. She explains, “Another thing I really love to do when designing outdoor spaces is to create them as an extension of the home. The upholstered chairs are great for this I also like to add cushions too; they help in softening the look.”

Blue and White Outdoor Cushions

If you prefer to keep your interior living spaces fairly neutral then your outdoor living space is one where you can play with a little more color. We love a classic blue and white palette – it’s fresh, it’s timeless and it’s undoubtedly a palette favorite.
These Blue/White Stripe outdoor cushions are filled with polyester fiber for ultimate comfort and made of 100% spun polyester that resists mildew, fading, and stains.

20 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

wood decor DIY rustic

Rustic décor is so “in” right now. Whether you live in the country or your home is in the city, you can still have beautiful rustic décor and you can do it all yourself.
We have collected a list of the 20 best DIY projects to make your home look rustic. You can find everything from headboards and photo frames to cabinets and shelves made from wooden pallets.
Whatever your dream for a rustic look, you will definitely find something in this collection that will help you along. Many of these projects are easy to implement and you can accomplish them in less than a day. Some make wonderful gifts so if you know someone else who loves the country, rustic look, make them something to lighten their own décor. The projects use all kinds of materials, many of which are really inexpensive or even cheap in some circumstances.

Rustic HeadboardRustic Headboard

If you need a new headboard and you want to give your bedroom a great country appearance, you can create a rustic headboard that looks like an old stall. This project can be done only with any material you want but if you really want a rustic look, you can use pallets board and old barn wood.

Twine Wrapped Cabinet HandlesTwine Wrapped Cabinet Handles

Twine is inexpensive and you can do a lot with it. If you are looking to update your cabinets, why not just wrap the handle in twine? It gives your kitchen a great rustic look and this is one of the easiest projects ever. You just need twine, glue, and paint and you will have these amazing Anthropologie inspired cabinet pulls.

Pallet ShelvesPallet Shelves

Old pallets are relatively easy to use and they are really cheap. The great thing about them is that you can do a lot with them – just like these pallet shelves which are quick and easy. You only need about 3 hours per shelf and some supplies and you can stain them with whatever color you want to match them to your current décor.

Wood Pallet BenchWood Pallet Bench

If you have wooden pallets just lying in the yard, let’s use it by turning it into a great muddle chair. This ice paddle looks great on the deck or right inside the door, wherever you want to put it. When you finish putting it all together, just sand and stain it whatever you want and you have a beautiful bench that you cost you very little to create.

Rustic Photo FramesRustic Photo Frames

Old wooden frames can be transformed into beautiful rustic décor with only a bit of work. You can use burlap for the matting and then add black-and-white photos, cardboard Monogram cutouts or whatever you want. You can even add small satin ribbons to decorate them a little if you want. These things are easy to do and look good in any room.

Wooden Pallet Wine RackWooden Pallet Wine Rack

If you really want to design a nice kitchen or dining room, turn an old wooden pallet into a great wine set. This is a really easy project that will look amazing when finished. You have to make a shelf to hold your wine bottles and then use a drill to create a hanging part for the wine glass at the bottom.

Rope FrameRope Frame

An old plastic frame can immediately become rustic by using twine ropes and a hot glue gun. You just need to glue the ropes to the frame, making sure you include the original frame completely. This is a great gift idea that will look perfect in any bedroom of the little cowboy.

Twine LampTwine Lamp

Any old lamp can instantly turn into a rustic piece with a little work. Ropeworks

well for the base and you just need to wrap it completely, making sure you glue it down when you go. Add a new rustic lamp and you have an alluring new lamp that costs you very little if anything at all.

Rustic Coffee TableRustic Coffee Table

Some slats of wood – and they don’t need to all be the same shade or color – can be put together to create a gorgeous coffee table. Just model the pieces and stick them together with wood glue and small nails. Then you just need to add some type of leg pins and you have a very expensive looking coffee table that is a lot cheaper than it looks.

Wooden Picture FrameWooden Picture Frame

You can convert any photo frame to rustic décor by adding small wooden slices. If you do not have a few in hand, just cut out the slices from the branches that you can find in your yard. Then just use a hot glue gun to secure them to a plastic frame and you have a lovely rustic frame that is perfect for any picture.

Great Rustic Father’s Day GiftGreat Rustic Father's Day Gift

Children love DIY projects, especially when they get to give these projects away as gifts. You can help your kids make a great frame for Father’s Day with just a few twigs and a hot glue gun. Just glue the twigs to the frame and let the kids decorate however they want. Use burlap to make mattings and add a special message with a Sharpie.

Stone Kitchen IslandStone Kitchen Island

Ok, so this project may take a little bit more cash and much more time, but it surely is worth it. If you have a kitchen island or if you always wanted one, make it from brick or stone. This gives your entire kitchen a nice rustic look and the project is really a lot easier than you think.

Wooden BacksplashWooden Backsplash

The pieces of wood are put together to create a beautiful backsplash that will definitely make a statement in any room. If you have a wall available, you can create this beautiful setting by simply adhering the pieces to the wall. You can also build a small wall to create a division0 wherever you want it.

Wooden ClockWooden Clock

You can buy clock kits at any hobby store and most of home improvement stores. Once you have a set of clock kits in hand, just find a large piece of wood, varnish and paint it and then add a clock to create a beautiful wooden clock. This is a great piece for the rustic living room or you can use it in the kitchens, bathrooms or bedroom as well.

Twig Candle HoldersTwig Candle Holders

Ok, so if your yard is full of twigs and branches, put them to use. You can hot glue those small branches to glass or plastic candle holders to create amazingly rustic décor. Once you’ve got them all in place and secured with hot glue, tie a burlap or satin around to really make them special.

Wooden Mail SorterWooden Mail Sorter

Add a little rustic décor to your walls by building a wooden mail sorter. Not only does it provide you with a nice rustic decor, it also serves a very handy function by keeping the mail neatly organized. You just need a few pieces of wood and some small hangers at the bottom to hang your key. Stain it with any color you want and you have a very functional and nice sorter.

Wood Planked WallWood Planked Wall

Even if you do not live in a rustic wood cabin, you can give your home a great cabin look by simply boarding one or more walls. This is a relatively easy project that will add beauty and value to any home. Just select the wall you want to change, and add wood boards that you can pick up at most home improvement stores for very little. Then stain if you want and now you have a lovely cabin bed type wall.

Rustic Entryway BenchRustic Entryway Bench

For about $ 15, you can build a beautiful bench for your entrance that will instantly add a rustic touch to your home’s charm. You only need a few 2X4 and a few 2X6 and you have everything ready to make this lovely bench. Just assemble, sand and then color to whatever shade you want.

Rustic Porch BenchRustic Porch Bench

This great bench takes very little time to create and you can make it for around $20. You just need to buy the wood needed and then gather everything together. This is a great porch bench and you can stain or paint whatever color you need to match your current decor. The “X” legs make it the perfect rustic home for any home.

Wooden Fireplace MantelWooden Fireplace Mantel

If you really want a rustic look, replace that old stone fireplace with wood. This is a relatively easy project and will change your appearance immediately. If you are planning to have a new fireplace installed, consider using wooden mantel instead of stone or rock. It’s a cool look and it’s relatively inexpensive to create.

Modern Rustic Décor

Combine the old-world elements with modern design to create a rustic modern appeal in your home.

Materials Matter

Contemporary rustic interiors bring coziness to monochromatic spaces, add timeless structures to modern designs, and allow owners to create eclectic spaces that reflect their personality. When selected and properly arranged, modern rustic furniture opens space that makes today’s lifestyle attractive and will certainly endure for long. Here’s how you can use weathered and elegant furniture, fixtures and finishes to create a modern rustic space.Materials Matter Decor

Unfussy Silhouettes

Modern rustic decor works its best when presented in a minimalist manner that allows individual elements to be seen and appreciated. In this dining area, the illuminated ceiling creates a rustic sound resounded by a beautiful farm table and a remarkable wide-plank hard wooden floor. A fashionable light fixture provides a progressive structure that fits the style of curvaceous white chairs and an abstract painting that adds color and pattern to the combination.Unfussy Silhouettes Decor

Smart Designs

Nothing says that modern better than rooms present familiar forms in unexpected ways. In this casual dining area, wooden ceilings and lighter limestone floors can be reserved in front of a picnic-like trestle table and wicker chairs boasting gray-washed finishes. A streamlined hearth sits at the eye level so that everyone at the table can enjoy the warmth. The bright white light fixture with a modern appearance stands out from the rustic finish.Smart Designs Decor

Go Gray

Continuing its reign as a favored neutral gray, gray makes a good starting point for rooms that show the best of yesterday and today. This monochromatic bathroom impresses with a backsplash that uses planks instead of paving. The medium gray backsplash gives way to a charcoal colored charcoal which lined a sparkling vanity in gray pearl lacquer. Pay attention to the details, mixing accessories from different periods. Note how the modern scones and textural baskets work together to reinforce the rustic-modern leanings of the bath.Go Gray Decor

Useful Tips for Decorating The Living Room

Useful Tips for Decorating The Living Room

All you need for a lovely living room is a set of sofas for the whole family to lounge on, a wood coffee table and a shelf for books and storage. Sometimes a little change can make your room looks far different. To make your living room is a really relaxed place to come after an exhausted working day you need bearing in mind some basic design tips. Here are 5 tips you need to consider when decorating your living room. Enjoy reading!


One of the most common mistake in decorating house is placing on the access to the windows. That only makes it difficult to clean as well as water plant on the window ledge but also prevent all beautiful light. Let your living room breath and let sunshine lighten your living room by moving your sofa away from your windows.Bring direct light to your living room


Your living room will look more impressive if you separate it into smaller sections. There are many ways to do it but the simplest way seemly is using elegant rugs. Remember to allow a suitable space between sections and arrange in your own way as long as the obstacles aren’t created.Create separate zones of your living room with rugs


You are free to furnish your room but make sure that you do not place a large set of sofas in a small living space. A tiny wood coffee table and small chairs are more suitable. If you have a few square meters at your disposal, some lovely decorations such as a wood table with metal hairpin legs or rustic wood clocks are great.Learn how to furnish you small living space


Your room will be beautiful if it is decorated with suitable furniture. Whatever style you choose it will be nice in your own way. You totally can combine harmoniously different items of some different styles in the same room. Note that, avoid over-decorating if you do not want to turn your room into a mess.Minimalist approach to living room furnishing


Have you experienced the feeling when you buy a new coffee table and after placing at home, you find out that…it ends up exactly where the old one was. If your answer is “yes”, it does not matter. Because we are humans who are creatures of habit. You know that a little change in the room like a new position for your wood dining table can make a magic. Sometimes, you do not need to buy new items for your house because a few changes are enough.Experience your living space

5 Tips to Style a Coffee Table

5 Tips to Style a Coffee Table

If you refresh your living room, up sleeves to style your table right now. Here are 5 wonderful tips for you. Enjoy reading!

1. Utilize a Tray

All you need is just a suitable tray for your coffee table. There is a wide range of tray with different shapes and materials you can choose from square wood tray to round plastic one. If your table is just a simple one which has no pattern, it so easy! You can choose a vivid tray to make it impressive or a soft gold acrylic like the tray in the photo. Moreover, you can fill the tray with a scented candle or a bouquet of flowers to make it extra special. Keep them neat and organized.

2. Use a Stack of Books

Stacking up your books on the coffee table is another great choice. Note that, those books must be kept neat and organized in descending order. Choose the books in similar sizes for a perfect beauty. If you want to make it more outstanding, combine colorful books in a color scheme you like. Trust me, those books are amazing decorations which can be taken to read whenever you want. It’s not just decor, it’s also entertainment.

3. Decorate with plants and flowers

Bring the natural beauty into your house by adorning your coffee table with just plants. Actually, you can choose whatever plants or flowers you like, but you should pick one that can survive on your coffee table, which means selecting a plant that thrives in low light. Succulent, air plants or cactuses… perfect!

4. Keep it Simple

Do not fill every inch of space with decorations. Remember that simplicity makes perfection. Highlight your wood coffee tables in an elegant vase, fresh blooms or travel souvenirs. For a neat looking, you can put them in a basket or a tray.

5. Add some candles

Decorate your coffee table with a trio of small candles, why not? These candles will lighten your room and bring an elegant beauty to your table. It’s time to incorporate these pieces into your well-styled coffee tables.
We hope that these useful tips give you some ideas to style your coffee table. Remember only style a coffee table with what you love because it’s your creation. Enjoy it! By the way, come to Nguyen Moc décor if you are looking for unique items for your house such as art coffee tables, wood dining tables with metal hairpin legs, rustic wood clocks or art wine glass holders, etc. We are looking forward to seeing you!