Modern Rustic Décor

Combine the old-world elements with modern design to create a rustic modern appeal in your home.

Materials Matter

Contemporary rustic interiors bring coziness to monochromatic spaces, add timeless structures to modern designs, and allow owners to create eclectic spaces that reflect their personality. When selected and properly arranged, modern rustic furniture opens space that makes today’s lifestyle attractive and will certainly endure for long. Here’s how you can use weathered and elegant furniture, fixtures and finishes to create a modern rustic space.Materials Matter Decor

Unfussy Silhouettes

Modern rustic decor works its best when presented in a minimalist manner that allows individual elements to be seen and appreciated. In this dining area, the illuminated ceiling creates a rustic sound resounded by a beautiful farm table and a remarkable wide-plank hard wooden floor. A fashionable light fixture provides a progressive structure that fits the style of curvaceous white chairs and an abstract painting that adds color and pattern to the combination.Unfussy Silhouettes Decor

Smart Designs

Nothing says that modern better than rooms present familiar forms in unexpected ways. In this casual dining area, wooden ceilings and lighter limestone floors can be reserved in front of a picnic-like trestle table and wicker chairs boasting gray-washed finishes. A streamlined hearth sits at the eye level so that everyone at the table can enjoy the warmth. The bright white light fixture with a modern appearance stands out from the rustic finish.Smart Designs Decor

Go Gray

Continuing its reign as a favored neutral gray, gray makes a good starting point for rooms that show the best of yesterday and today. This monochromatic bathroom impresses with a backsplash that uses planks instead of paving. The medium gray backsplash gives way to a charcoal colored charcoal which lined a sparkling vanity in gray pearl lacquer. Pay attention to the details, mixing accessories from different periods. Note how the modern scones and textural baskets work together to reinforce the rustic-modern leanings of the bath.Go Gray Decor