Nguyen Moc One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Nguyen Moc offers a one (1) year limited1 warranty on most2 of its furniture including defects in the manufacturer’s workmanship and materials. In the event that a defect is covered by the warranty, Nguyen Moc will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the defective part. The Nguyen Moc Warranty will take effect from the date of delivery and does not cover labor and shipping costs. Additional warranty warranties are available under the Nguyen Moc Care Free Plan extended warranty3.
Accidental damage and normal wear and tear as a result of in-home use are not protected as part of the Nguyen Moc Warranty. Additional items which are not insured or may void the Nguyen Moc Warranty are noted below:

  • Customer modifications
  • Damage created by neglect, abuse, misuse or accidents
  • Any condition that results from inadequate or inadequate maintenance, care or cleaning (e.g. excessive fur)
  • Non-residential use or use which the product is not designed for
  • Pilling, creasing, and seam separation due to customer modification, neglect or abuse
  • Water damage to electrical components
  • Properties of natural wood grain
  1. Frames are covered for three (3) years due to a structural defect in materials or workmanship, not by neglect or abuse. Springs are covered for three (3) years from breakage or detachment which is not caused by neglect or abuse.
  2.  Nguyen Moc Warranty does not cover furniture used for commercial or institutional purposes including but not limited to daycare, business, and rental purposes. Nguyen Moc Warranty does not include accessories or cleaning equipment and floor model furniture sold “as-is”. No exchange, refund, return or service applies to “as is” items.
  3. The Nguyen Moc Care Free Plan provides extended warranty coverage for labor costs, transportation and parts for covered items.

The Nguyen Moc Warranty claims process

– Step 1: Take a photo of the faulty area as well as some photos to display the 360-degree view of the item (the view may be provided by Nguyen Moc).
– Step 2: Locate your Sales Order Number (if applicable) and contact Nguyen Moc Customer Services department. Representatives of the Warranty Service will help you determine if your claim is covered.
– Step 3: If your claim is approved, Nguyen Moc Warranty Service Representatives will schedule a technician to repair at your home for a fee of $…
If the technician is unable to complete the in-home repair during the first visit, a Nguyen Moc Warranty Service Representative will provide an estimate for labor and transportation. The labor fee is $… per hour (or a part of that amount).

Bringing my merchandise in for service

You must have an open claim and authorization from Nguyen Moc Warranty Service team before shipping your goods to Nguyen Moc facility for repair.
The Living Spaces Return and Exchange Policies
Please follow this link to the Nguyen Moc Return and Exchange Policies.