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Unique Decorative Wine Bottle Holders – Art Wine Glass Holders

Nguyen Moc’s art wine bottle & glass holders are designed delicately with a unique style.
These rustic wine bottle holders are designed by professional design artists having 15 years experience. They are not only so unique, eye-catching but also useful and convenient. Each of these art wooden wine glass holders can be used to decorate in many positions in your living rooms such as on TV racks, in wine cabinets or on dining tables, etc. Nguyen Moc’s art rustic wine glass holders are also extremely suitable for restaurant space and luxury hotels.
The Nguyen Moc’s art wine glass holders will help the table not only look neat but also exquisite thanks to the natural dark color of the wood mixed perfectly with color pencils.
Nguyen Moc’s products are made of natural wood decorated with high-quality pencils and hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen, so they are very delicate with nice wood texture, bright and smooth surface.
Nguyen Moc’s art wine glass holders are not only suitable for all kinds of space but also are ideal gifts for your friends or relatives.
Now, Nguyen Moc’s art wine glass holers decorated with crayons or the plain wood ones are extremely popular in some demanding markets such as Europe, America or Japan.
With stopless creativity, Nguyen Moc has been producing a variety of unique art products that you cannot find anywhere else.
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The Inspiration to Build Your Own Unique Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of fine wine to enjoy keeping a few nice bottles in the cabinet. Actually, why hide them in a cabinet when you could display them on a wine bottle holder? Where do you keep your wine glasses? Is it a suspending wine glass rack, a cabinet, one of those traditional wine glass holders or something completely different that you prefer? The possibilities and warehouse solutions are various and they each have their own defining characteristics that make them special, even unique. Unlike other home accessories, wine bottle holders don’t offer a lot of diversity in terms of designs and styles, although there are plenty of options to choose from. Nevertheless, it turns out that unique decorative wine bottle holders are often the most interesting and appreciated ones. They’re easily customizable and pretty easy to make. Come to Nguyen Moc Décor, you can explore lots of interesting and unique designs which specifically match your home’s décor and your personal preferences.

Art Stylish Decorative Wooden Glass & Bottle Holders, Why not?

The wine has been an integral part of any party at home and in luxury restaurant. To have a perfect party, you have to choose the perfect accessories for wine such as glasses, wine opener, and more. Because of that, Nguyen Moc created a collection of the eye-catching and delicate wine glass holders made of natural wood. These rustic glass holders are used not only to display the wine bottles but also to create the spotlight for the room. Decorated with colored pencils or engraved lasers, these impressive products also are meaningful gifts for your friends. These art wooden wine cup holders are all designed by Nguyen Moc, they are completely different from the lacquerware wine holders or Chinese-made ones. Nguyen Moc's rustic wooden wine holders are specially designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Made of 100% natural wood, our art wine glass holders will bring the natural beauty to your house.