Why Wine Doesn’t Pair With Some Foods

Wine don’t pair with some foods with some foods as it will lose the taste of wine or which make bad wine taste. Once you know them, it’s easy to think differently about pairing wine and food. Learn how to pair wines with 6 non-comparable foods.
At a banquet there is a familiar image of a wine bottle holders, keeping the bottle more luxurious. Drinking wine is one of the simple pleasures of life that most people enjoy. There is something special and interesting about creating the perfect pair of food and wine. Unfortunately, there are also some fairly difficult foods to combine with wine, some of which you may have unexpected and unexpected happen on your own. Learn how to pair wines with 6 non-comparable foods.

1. Wine doesn’t pair with Chocolate

Some of you flush out angrily whenever you hear chocolate and red wine do not match but that’s true. Tasting chocolate adds a few sensations to your taste including tannin, chocolate texture, fatty, sweet taste, and earthy flavor. When you finish this flavor with a dry red wine, the wine will eliminate the obesity and sweetness of your taste leaving harsh tannins and a bit of sour wine. To make matters worse, the original fruit flavors of blackberry or cherry wine are lost in the overwhelming taste of chocolate. Although there may be some rare cases, including the use of white chocolate (not containing chocolate tannin), in most cases if you really taste the technique described above, the Ingredients have a worse taste.

Wine doesn’t pair with chocolate

2. Wine doesn’t pair with Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts is cruciferous vegetables, which in their best preparation, are attractive, earthy and delicate sulfur. The soil notes and sulfur flavor are what caused the problem with the pair of wines. The reason brussels sprouts makes bad wine taste is because the organosulfur compounds of the plant mimic the taste of a wine fault. The same compounds can be found at different levels in garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus

Wine doesn’t pair with Brussel Sprouts

3. Wine doesn’t pair with Asparagus

The same problem of sulfur compounds in Brussels sprouts occurs with asparagus as well. However, this time there is a green herb substance caused by high chlorophyll in vegetables. With most green vegetables you can usually just get with a zesty white wine like the Sauvignon Blanc, but in the case of asparagus, even this can not work.

Wine doesn’t pair with Asparagus

4. Wine doesn’t pair with Seafood

For ages, diners have been told that drinking red wine while eating seafood can produce a fishy aftertaste. The general rule is red wine with meat, white wine with fish. But the rule is not difficult and fast. Seafood can be delicious with some red, while some whites can spoil the meal. What is the common element?
When using red wine with seafood is very suitable. Red wine contains tannin which combines with protein in meat to help digest quickly. Especially Salmon an Tuna is high in natural oils while enjoying red wine will bring an unforgettable taste along with many health benefits. However, not all seafood combined with wine. For flatfish which as it will make the wine lose its flavor, and even a heavy metal odor will make people uncomfortable because the wine contains a high tannin content.

Wine doesn’t pair with Seafood

5. Wine doesn’t pair with Blue Cheese

While most cheeses combine easily with most wines, blue cheese, and other blue-veined cheeses are difficult. This is most likely because of the fact that green cheese has a high presence of an especially aromatic aroma called Alkan-2, which is also found in sphagnum algae. Nummy. Finally, the stinky perfume of blue cheese overpowers most dry wines.

Wine doesn’t pair with Blue Cheese

6. Wine doesn’t pair with Spicy Food

There are many things wrong when combining spicy food with wine. Not only does the taste of a strong alcohol combined with the powerful punch of spice completely overwhelm your taste, but it can actually alter the taste of the wine altogether. If you really love wine, you know the importance of it is to completely taste and experience the taste in your wine glasses to appreciate it. This is why alcohol and spicy foods are not mixed.
More specifically, if you are pairing spicy foods with a high tannin wine, the wine will be tasted bitterly. Wine with a lot of oak trees should also be avoided, as spices can amplify the taste of oak wine through interesting points. Placing spicy foods with high alcohol content will also increase the negative flavor of the wine.

Wine doesn’t pair with spicy food