How to combine wine with food properly

Food and Wine Pairings of the Gourmet Experience

For the gourmets, combine which wine with food is very important. For the wine is no exception, each wine will fit a different type of food. Especially, in the wine tables are considered as spices, it helps our taste buds are stimulated, up to the taste of the dish.

At a banquet there is a familiar image of a wine bottle holders, keeping the bottle more luxurious. Wine, the fermented juice of the grape. Beverages produced by V. Labrusca, the native American grape, and from other grape kinds are also considered wines. When other fruits are fermented to produce wine, the name of the fruit is printed on the label. Wine is a precious gift from God because we must enjoy it with all our senses. The taste of wine reflects the climate, the land, the plants and the virtues of the grape growers. Each kind of wine is made according to a different formula and with a different grape variety so its taste is different. The taste of each wine is unique and it is suitable for some kind of food.

Food and Wine Pairings

1. Wine with food classification 

Wines from different parts of the world are all different, again this may sound obvious, even the common wines from the merlots to the Shiraz and the Cabernet of the zinfandels are all different in the way they are produced. A European merlot will be different from the Merlot wines found in the states and Australia. A prudent move would be to really think about what you are going to order or what you have decided to cook and how it will be cooked.
In cooking there are many herbs and other things added to the dish, so decide on which wine to follow in order to ensure that the wine will blend with the different flavors. This is done right, the meal should be a memorable experience.
In addition to trying to find out where the wine is made, it is also smart to check out some local wineries and vineyards. On the label, the more information as possible, the better of wine. This will, of course, leads to one of the most deciding factors when choosing a wine, the price. The finer the wine the more expensive the wine is likely to be.
Wine is divided into two types: wine produced in Europe and in America. In fact, European wine is much older and has a more sophisticated and enjoyment. The focal point of this area is the French wine. There are 26 vineyards in France to produce wine. Each region produces a specific flavor so that the producer will write the name of the area where the vine is planted on the label material. The four most famous areas of France are Alsace, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Côtes du Rhône. Alsace is famous for its white wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy with red wine and Côtes du Rhône with both white and red.
For American wines, it is easy for the customer to sort and buy because the name of the grape is noted in the product packaging. There are four main types: Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir (red wine), Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc (white wine).
In general, the characteristics of this type are quite simple from the way of production until enjoy. Taste and how to drink is also easier and it is suitable for everyone. Europeans are quite picky, luxurious when enjoying to sip a bit and drinkers also have the new knowledge to feel the subtle the flavors hidden inside.Wine classification tip

2. Wine with food

For the gourmets, drinking wine with food should be carefully considered to get the best combination and taste. Wine and food matching is the process to enhance the dining experience which you should know if you drink wine regularly.
Wine as a spice, sauce on the table. If white wine is like a glass of sour lemon juice, red wine is compared to cups of milk coffee. Therefore, choose the dishes that accompany the wine with food are also based on this principle.

a. How to combine red wine with food?

Red wine is divided into 2 mains: light red wine and bold red wine
Light red wine is low in alcohol. Often it is easy to combine with popular dishes, especially Vietnamese and Asian dishes such as grilled seafood, fried poultry, fried meat, roasted meat, and boiled red meat …
Prune, strawberry, and tangerine wines are often combined with chicken, fried or fried pork and spicy Asian food.
The bold red wine has a high alcohol content of over 14%, which is incubated in wooden barrels having a pungent taste. When combined wine with food, you should choose dishes with strong taste such as red meat, beef, imported lamb and some types of bold smells.Using Wine with dishes

b. How to combine white wine with food?

White wine containing and wines should be served with seafood prepared in a boiled, steamed manner. When combining white wine with food, it is very suitable with dishes such as crab, steamed crab with lemon pepper salt, steamed fish sauce with ginger sauce.

c. How to combine rose wine with food?

With freshness, youthfulness, and aroma, roses are the wine of summer.
Rose wine is easy to combine with the dishes, especially the appetizers, hot and cold dishes, such as seafood salad, mix the tomato and bell pepper, cucumber, red onion fish.
There is no rigid rule the combination of the wine with food but also based on the nature of the taste of the dish. Fish or seafood is not always eaten with white wine, if it is cooked spicy, then red wine is probably more appropriate.