Small Kitchen Interior Design To Improve Your Culinary Experience

Small Kitchen Interior Design To Improve Your Culinary Experience

The Kitchen is the most important space of the house because this is considered as the “keep fire” of the family. Interior design kitchen is of the homeowner, especially the kitchen area is limited. Nguyen Moc Décor will share with you the interior design experience of the small kitchen.

Light for Small Kitchens

Light is the most important factor for every space, especially for small kitchens. There are 3 types of lighting needed for the kitchen area. First, the light on the roof increases the space and ensures aesthetic space. You can use the light from the LED or Neon light.
A light-filled kitchen not only creates a cool clean feeling, but it can also improve the area of the room. In addition, it helps set lighting for kitchen cabinets, sinks, etc. This type of light is usually white or yellow, with enough illumination, which makes cooking and cleaning more comfortable. Besides, natural light is also very important. It helps keep the kitchen always dry, cool. Make frequent openings to let the sunshine into the room. Natural light also has the ability to relieve some of the unpleasant odors left in the kitchen.Light for Small Kitchens

Color For Small Kitchens

In the kitchen interior design, you should avoid using dark colors. It will make your kitchen smaller and narrower. Moreover, the dark colors also make the feeling of humidity low that is not good for you and the whole family. Based on the advice of professional interior design experts, two colors are considered the best solution, most suitable for small kitchen space is white and beige.
These are two colors bring courteous and natural beauty. You can also combine different colors depending on the main color of the building.Color For Small Kitchens

Choose furniture for a small kitchen

Kitchen close to the ceiling

Modern kitchens tend to design low ceilings and are just enough to use as well as save space. You should choose the kitchen cabinets with a small wooden design, make the irreducible kitchen space exude modern beauty, luxury than ever. The interior design kitchen delicate will bring you an exciting space and experience.Kitchen close to the ceiling

Dining tables and chairs

Dining tables and chairs are indispensable in the kitchen of every family. Choosing a good dining table for the kitchen depends on a number of factors such as the area of the room, the architecture of the house and the number of family members. There are many types of tables and chairs with different styles and materials that you can choose from such as roundtables, square or long. However, for narrow kitchen spaces, you should choose square tables to harmonize with the area.

Art dining tables will be a great suggestion that you can refer to. With such an important role, any family has to have a beautiful dining table! It is not just a simple dining table, but also an intimate friend of the host when they receive guests or hold a party.
You want to have an elegant dining room which is not only beautiful but also luxurious and modern in a rustic style? You should use wood as the mainstream. A good set of tables and chairs does not only bring your house the feeling of warmth but also create an impressive point for your home space.Dining tables and chairs

Small kitchen utensils

With space, all items should be placed in small size, compact and convenient. It may be a small gas stove, microwave oven, small fridge … You should also remove or transfer unnecessary items to space less crowded.
For the more attractive dining table, you can decorate with a small flowerpot or cup of tea. It will be able to “cramp” your narrow kitchen into a nice little home that everyone remembers with a fun experience.
The cramped kitchen will be indispensable for the presence of greenery. Planting trees in the kitchen not only help feng shui harmony but also a positive impact on health. Trees will make your kitchen less crowded. Some types of plants should be planted in the kitchen that you can choose from mint, aloe, cinnamon.
This is experience in furniture design kitchen of Nguyen Moc Décor. Wish you have a perfect living space.Small kitchen utensils

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