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Unique Horizontal Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Is A Gift From God

Wine, the fermented juice of the grape. Beverages produced by V. Labrusca, the native American grape, and from other grape kinds are also considered wines. When other fruits are fermented to produce a kind of wine, the name of the fruit is contained, as in the terms peach wine and blackberry wine. Wine is a precious gift from God because we must enjoy it with all our senses. The taste of wine reflects the climate, the land, the plants and the virtues of the grape growers. Each kind of wine is made according to a different formula and with a different grape variety so its taste is different. The taste of each wine is unique and it is suitable for some kind of food.Horizontal Wine Storage

Should Wine Bottles Be Placed Horizontally

In the wine cellar, place the wine bottle horizontally, so that the wine in the bottle is in contact with the cork. Cork is a natural wood product and has earned its millennia-old reputation as wine-stopper-of-choice because it provides an impermeable seal to keep out particulate that will degrade wine while remaining ever so slightly breathable to allow slow oxygen exchange. In order to provide this well-balanced seal, the cork has to stay wet. If the cork dries out, it shrinks and becomes brittle. Over time, this can cause it to disintegrate and even decompose. Bad news for wine inside the bottle!
Storing bottles on their side keeps wine in contact with the bottom of the cork. This keeps the cork wet, inside the bottle, maintaining the seal you need to protect your wine while preventing leaks and premature oxidation.Unique Horizontal Wine Bottle Holder

As you know, air is the greatest enemy of wine, once exposed to the wine atmosphere will almost transform into vinegar. Therefore, you must always remember to prevent air in the bottle. The sediment in the wine is from the settling of the mixture. It provides a great way to tell if the bottle has been disturbed. The sediment will mix with the liquid when this happens. Laying the bottle horizontally also helps regulate the gas exchange from the inside of the bottle to the outside.
In ancient times, when wine was stored in amphorae, skins and tissues were used that had been treated beforehand with oils and fats, but these altered the quality of the wine. Around the 5th century BC, the Greeks began using corks as stoppers, and by the 17th century, with the proliferation of glass containers, corks had been adopted as the standard closure.Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

You can find out all kinds of equipment for storing wine on the market or shop to keep your red wine in good condition: safe, cool and stable until you are ready to open it. From walk-in cellars to portable wine fridges, there is a wine storage for all types of red wine drinkers. You don’t need a specific piece of equipment to store your wine, however. All you need is a flat surface so that you can lay your wine horizontally until you are ready to drink it.
This is the perfect situation in which you want to age wine. With simple using demand wine, having a few bottles of wine for sipping on weekends or for meeting friends, we do not need to invest too much to preserve a few wine bottles. Wine bottle holders are the simplest, most cost-effective way to store your bottles in a horizontal position. Because your wine bottles are horizontal your cork remains moist and swelled which prevents your wine from unwanted air contact.
Unique wine bottle holders are suitable for the demand of your house but are highly decorative, eye-catching but also useful and convenient. Each of these art wooden wine bottle holders can be used to decorate in many positions in your living rooms such as on TV racks, in wine cabinets or on dining tables, etc. You can invest a unique wine holder immediately to create a beauty for your house. Besides, decorative wine bottle holders are not only suitable for all kinds of space but also are ideal gifts for your friends or relatives.

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