5 Tips to Style a Coffee Table

5 Tips to Style a Coffee Table

If you refresh your living room, up sleeves to style your table right now. Here are 5 wonderful tips for you. Enjoy reading!

1. Utilize a Tray

All you need is just a suitable tray for your coffee table. There is a wide range of tray with different shapes and materials you can choose from square wood tray to round plastic one. If your table is just a simple one which has no pattern, it so easy! You can choose a vivid tray to make it impressive or a soft gold acrylic like the tray in the photo. Moreover, you can fill the tray with a scented candle or a bouquet of flowers to make it extra special. Keep them neat and organized.

2. Use a Stack of Books

Stacking up your books on the coffee table is another great choice. Note that, those books must be kept neat and organized in descending order. Choose the books in similar sizes for a perfect beauty. If you want to make it more outstanding, combine colorful books in a color scheme you like. Trust me, those books are amazing decorations which can be taken to read whenever you want. It’s not just decor, it’s also entertainment.

3. Decorate with plants and flowers

Bring the natural beauty into your house by adorning your coffee table with just plants. Actually, you can choose whatever plants or flowers you like, but you should pick one that can survive on your coffee table, which means selecting a plant that thrives in low light. Succulent, air plants or cactuses… perfect!

4. Keep it Simple

Do not fill every inch of space with decorations. Remember that simplicity makes perfection. Highlight your wood coffee tables in an elegant vase, fresh blooms or travel souvenirs. For a neat looking, you can put them in a basket or a tray.

5. Add some candles

Decorate your coffee table with a trio of small candles, why not? These candles will lighten your room and bring an elegant beauty to your table. It’s time to incorporate these pieces into your well-styled coffee tables.
We hope that these useful tips give you some ideas to style your coffee table. Remember only style a coffee table with what you love because it’s your creation. Enjoy it! By the way, come to Nguyen Moc décor if you are looking for unique items for your house such as art coffee tables, wood dining tables with metal hairpin legs, rustic wood clocks or art wine glass holders, etc. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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