Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

Summer has officially come! Summer cooling costs can be an enormous expense, especially as you continue to move your heat down. Fortunately, you can survive the summer heat without breaking the bank
Here are some simple ways to keep your home cool this summer. These effective tips will help you cool and save you money in the hot summer months ahead, especially if you do not have air conditioning.

1. Keep your blinds closed

As simple as this tip seems, do you know that 30% of the unwanted heat coming from your window, and using shades, curtains and the like can save you up to 7% on the bill and the indoor temperature is up to 20 degrees. Byways of explanation, closing the curtain will prevent your house from becoming a miniature greenhouse, especially in the case of windows facing south and west.Keep your window curtain closed

2. Hack a fan instead of turning A.C

Even an air conditioner can create a false sea breeze, but this simple trick can. Pour a stone mixer (or something as cold as a rock), and place it in a large fan front corner to air out the ice in an extremely cold, extremely cold state. Trust us: It’s magic.

3. Exchange your sheets

Not only will the seasonal changes, your bedding will refresh the room but also be a great way to keep cool. The research says that textiles such as flannel sheets and wool blankets are great for heat insulation, cotton is the best choice in this time of year as it breathes easier and stays cooler. As an added bonus, buy yourself a bucket of buckwheat. Because of having a natural space between them, buckwheat shells will not keep your body as hot as a regular pillow, even when packaged in a pillow.Exchange the bed sheets to make cool atmosphere

4. Turn on your bathroom fan

Or a ventilator in your kitchen, for that matter. Both pull hot air after you cook or shower in your home or apartment.

5. Use the device at night

Avoid adding more heat to your home during the hottest time of the day. Wait until evening to use heat production equipment such as dishwashers, stoves, ovens and even washing machines/dryers. You can also unplug electronics when you are not using them; Most heat even when they are not used!Use the device at night

6. Change types of furniture

The change of furniture also significantly affect the indoor air, especially on hot summer days. Instead of large, bulky furniture, you should decorate with products that are compact and smart. Your living room is cramped with large tables and chairs? Does that make you feel inhibited when entering the house? Why not “refresh” your home space by replacing a new set of tables and chairs. Solid wood tables are the choice not to be missed in your home. Instead of a large table, choose a small table of natural teak wood with a unique design, especially natural wood will feel safe and fresh.

7. Sleep low

Temperature rises, so go down the stairs or basement downstairs, or put the mattress on the floor if the air is cooler.Sleep low cool

8. Focus on the temperature in your body, not the house

If your ancestors survived without air conditioning, so you can. Eating delicious ice, even applying a cold cloth to exothermal part of your bodies such as the neck and wrists, the good idea is cooling yourself from the inside out. Other tricks include the clever selection of your clothes and telling your partner you will not cuddle until the leaves begin to change colors. Also, try to keep a bowl of cool water by the bed and soak your feet if you feel warm in the middle of the night.

9. Growing more trees in the house

Coping with the hot summer weather, planting greenery on the premises is also a great idea. You can grow some types of vines that are close to or close to the wall or hang flower pots to simulate heat. Take advantage of any possible space in your home. For small houses that cannot grow many vines, you can bring the trees into the house by hanging flower pots in the corridor, glass railing or place green plants in the house, prevent dust and air purification, make you feel more comfortable, relax.Growing more trees in the house to make the house cooler