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Art Massive Wood Tables & Unique Monolithic Solid Tables

There are many models of wood furniture available on the market today, however, to find a dining table with unique design, high quality and affordable is not easy. Come to Nguyen Moc Décor you will admire the masterpieces meticulously crafted by artisans with over 10 years experience. The tables are carefully selected from the finest woods, black powder coated legs that creates the luxury of your home.
The space of any modern home will be refurbished by the presence of a massive rustic wooden table. When the unique table is mixed harmoniously with a dark sofa set or wooden chairs, it absolutely will be the highlight of your living room. Thanks to the multipurpose character of the table you can use it as a coffee table as well as kitchen & dining table. If you put a vase, a tea set on it … awesome! You will be extremely proud of it every time guests come to the house.

Each product is a name, a story that craftsmen put into it, so it is not simply a product for consumption but also a work of art. Unique – strange – beautiful is the criterion of Nguyen Moc Décor, we specialize in providing interior decoration products such as massive rustic wood tables, wooden coffee tables, unique dining tables, art wooden clocks, art wine holders, etc. Every single product is created with unique styles which you cannot find anywhere else on the market.

Unique Tree Stump Tables

Art Massive Rustic Wood Dining Table at Nguyen Moc Décor is one of the tables are made from Faux Acajen with a 2m long and 10cm thick. Therefore, in order to have a beautiful set of tables and chairs attractive to people with such large size, artisans with over 10 years of experience had to invest not only their effort but also their mind and soul on it. Moreover, the top of the table also combined perfectly with a pentagonal black powder-coated iron leg. The space of your home will become more luxurious when combined with this art rustic wooden table with a dark sofa set. It will become gorgeous if you combine it with an elegant vase or a high-grade ceramic product. Coming to Nguyen Moc Décor you will be able to see the masterpieces of art through the collection of art wooden coffee tables, art rustic wooden dining tables, art wooden clocks, art wine rack, our art pottery, etc. All products are created with very special and attractive style, and contained within each product is a long story.