Five Helpful Wine Preservation Tips at Home

Five Helpful Wine Preservation Tips at Home

Wine is an indispensable drink in the luxury party, but not everyone knows how to preserve it properly. Good wine should be stored properly, otherwise, the wine will spoil over time. Wine storage, especially preserving wine at home has never been simpler. Especially for those who do not have much exposure to wine and have no experience. To help you better understand how to preserve wine properly, Nguyen Moc Décor will share with you 5 tips for preserving wine at home.Top Wine Preservation Tools

1. How to place a bottle of wine

You may have seen wine being left upright in the liquor store so it is true, but it is not true. Because cork is important to protect the wine from oxidation if the bottle is placed vertically, the cork should not be exposed to regular alcohol, so it will be dry, oxygen can penetrate into the bottle and spoil the wine. Therefore, you should put the wine bottle horizontal in order to wine contact with the cork.
So people tend to put the wine slightly tilted so that the wood button is always wet. The best way to ensure that the wine is properly placed is to use wine bottle holders. Moreover, wooden wine bottle holders emphasize aesthetics, creating artistic beauty for the enjoyment of wine.

2. Position Put Wine In House

Wines are very easily influenced by sunlight. The ultraviolet light will disrupt the structure of organic compounds. Therefore, the wine should be put in place hidden sunlight, or the easiest, put them in alcohol liquor cabinet by the cabinet will also have dark areas in maintenance mode.

3. Wine Preservation Temperature

The perfect temperature to preserve the wine is from 15-18oC. However, in any temperature, you also must guarantee absolute stability in the long run. If your home has both red wine and white wine, you will need to consider choosing wine Cabinet type 2 temperature region to preserve them in the best way. Red wine preservation temperature is 15-18oC, white wine is 12-15oC.
The perfect temperature for wine storage is 12 – 18oC. However, at any temperature, you absolutely must ensure stability in the long run. If your house has both red and white wine, consider choosing a wine cellar that has two temperature zones to preserve them in the best way. The temperature of red wine is 15 – 18oC, white wine is 12 – 15oC.Keep the wine cold
Take for example a bottle of apple juice. If you put the apple juice in your stove hot garage for several days, the plastic bottle will begin to bulge as the juice is cooked, and the juice starts to smell rancid. While the wine is kept in a glass bottle, you will not see the bottle bulging out of the heat, but the same thing as an apple juice bottle will still occur with wine. This is why temperature is very important.
Avoid leaving bottles near heat sources such as fireplaces or heat generators, never leaving them in places that are not ventilated, such as a garage or basement. If you want to store a safe place, simply store your bottle in the refrigerator, but if it contains food in the refrigerator should not be too long.

4. Best Moisturizer For Wine Preservation

Research shows that wine preserves moisture from 50 to 80%, in which ideal humidity is 70%. Placing wines in places where moisture is above 80% will affect the quality of the wine. Moreover, with such air will easily damage stamps, wine labels.
In addition, be sure to check the cork regularly for damage if the bottle is using a wick. High humidity will cause the cork to become moldy, causing the bad smell to the wine. In contrast, low humidity causes the cork to dry, air infiltration causing excessive oxygen traction. The rule is that when you store wine, you leave the wine exposed to air as little as possible.Wine Preservation at Home

5. Avoid long-lasting vibrations

Strong and frequent pruritus will adversely affect the wine. They will make the chemical reactions in the bottle take place more quickly. This causes loss of taste and lowers the quality of the wine. Avoid frequent shakes of alcohol stores to ensure that they do not damage the wine.

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