How to Preserve an Opened Bottle of Wine?

The Best to Preserve an Opened Bottle of Wine

How Long Does an Opened Bottle of Wine Last?

There is no definitive answer to this question. There will always be some degradation of the wine, even after a day – though initially, it will not be detectable. Most wines are absolutely good to drink after a few days are opened, as long as the bottleneck is covered in some way that the air continues to come.
If you want to make your wine last longer, there are many accessories that can help you keep it fresh. Professional bottoms will all work with varying effects, but none of them will completely prevent degradation of the wine when the bottle is opened. Do you know that keep wine in the dark is also helpful? In addition, keeping alcohol in the fridge is a good idea, as low temperatures slow down chemical change.

How to Keep Wine After Being Opened with Wine Bottle Holder

The beer has the perfect serving size. However, for wine drinkers, it is difficult to find a wine package. So the next option is to figure out how to make a bottle of wine last week. If you think about it; a bottle offers 5 glasses of wine and if you spend $ 20 on a good bottle of wine, it’s just $ 4 per cup. It is great to know that good wine really is quite reasonable.
There are some favorite tips to store open wine. These techniques are free or cheap and will have you drinking all week.How Long Does an Opened Bottle of Wine Last

1. Preserve wine with a wine bottle holder

At a banquet table, when the bottle has been opened but cannot be stored for maintenance on the table. If for a long time such a bottle without a temporary storage will lose the original taste of wine. Leave a bottle of wine after you have opened it and keep it for a certain time at the table, you can use the wine bottle holder to place the wine bottle horizontally, when the wine touches and soaks the cork. This helps to limit the amount of air entering the bottle, causing the bottle to become oxidized, losing its original taste.
In other words, you can put the wine bottle in a small bucket, reducing the temperature of the bottle, slowing down the oxidation process for longer.

Preserve wine with a wine bottle holder

2. Put wine bottle holders where to avoid heat and light

Keep a bottle of wine open from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Cool supporters, dark areas or fridges.
• Avoid storage at temperatures above 70 ° F. Also keep alcohol away from windows to avoid heating and discoloration from the sun.
When drinking red wine in a refrigerator or other cool place, let it warm up gradually. Put the bottle in warm water or simply bring it out of the fridge about an hour

3. Keep cold wine

Before you open the bottle, throw it into the refrigerator. It does not matter if it is white or red, old or new – if it’s chilled, the molecules will not be oxidized rapidly (thermodynamics in action). If you plan to enjoy your bottle all week, put it back in the fridge when you have finished.Keep cold wine

4. Purchase a vacuum pump

Buy a vacuum cap system for wine, removing oxygen from the inside of the bottle. There is the possibility of extending the freshness of the redundant wine this way.
• You may want to invest in this device if you regularly open bottles to keep or drink particularly vulnerable to oxidation, such as full body whites such as Chardonnay or Viognier.
• Note that there is some disagreement about the effect of the wine vacuum. Some people say that the removal of oxygen is only a part, or it can actually spoil the flavor of wine due to its aromatic extraction as well as oxygenation.

5. Transfer the wine to a smaller bottle

Longer alcohol with less oxygen exposure. If you reduce the amount of surface area of wine touching, it will last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. The easiest way to do this is to transfer the wine from its original bottle into a smaller bottle with a stopper. You can buy 187 ml of ‘wine’ and only transfer alcohol when you use them. The benefit of using a smaller glass bottle or bottle means that you will occupy less space of the refrigerator more vertically.
Make sure the remaining half of your bottle is covered with a stopper, stopper or screw.
• Save half the empty bottle, which you can often find when buying a dessert wine, and reuse it over and over for this purpose.
• If you do not have any half bottle on hand, you can use a small glass box that can be sealed.

Transfer the wine to a smaller bottle