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The Classic Metal Hairpin Legs for Rustic Furniture & Décor | Design & Material

Hairpin legs were originally designed by Henry Glass in 1941 and it was an important part of the “Russel Wright American – Way” by American designer Henry. The glass was inspired to make furniture that needed a limited amount of material due to the wartime conservation. Hairpin legs went on to become a mid-century staple due to their clean traces, strength and flexibility.
All the steel used in the industry of our metal table legs is of the highest quality North American Drawn. Raw, uncoated steel may including surface mutations containing color, texture, pitting, flaking, minor scratches, mill scale, oxidation, etc.
All seeable oxidation (rust) is moved from our products prior to transportation; however, eventually raw, uncoated steel will oxidize. The rate at which this happens is highly dependent on surrounding humidity levels. In humid summer months, minor surface oxidation may even occur during shipping but can be easily gotten rid of by using a Scotch Brite pad or steel wool. In order to extenuate future oxidation, an option is to apply metal paint/clear coat such as Rust-Oleum Clear Coat, or of course your favorite color. Powder coated legs are also available.

The Models of Art Wood Tables with Hairpin Legs, The Hairpin Legs for The D.I.Y Trend

DIY (Do it yourself) is understood to be "self-made", this is also a living skill modern people should have because it will help you develop your creativity. Understanding the needs and trends of people, Nguyen Moc Décor has launched the metal powder coated hairpin legs collection to meet the creative needs and to serve modern life of people. Because the hairpin legs are inspired by the classic hairpins, it will create the elegant for your modern home space when being combined with the wood top for dining tables, coffee tables or shelves. For contemporary furniture designers and anyone with DIY in mind, hairpin legs offer a blank slate, good form, and a way to make custom pieces more of an option on a budget. You can make a table out of them. It will add a touch of midcentury-modern design with an industrial flair to your living room or bedside—and for good reason: Hairpin legs were a product of the post–World War II design boom. In the era of simplified and practical design a trend was born, one that understandably hasn’t lost much steam in the many decades since. Because the idea is taken from the classic hairpins, these special hairpin legs will bring an elegant beauty to your space. Hairpin Leg is our standard leg model. It combines sobriety with elegance and fits perfectly in all types of interiors. Especially, with the elegant powder layers, these hairpin legs are suitable for all space and can prevent metal rust. Metal hairpin legs are designed to fit four L-shaped legs, with a bracket attached with four screw holes each leg. With just a few simple screws, you can also design your own unique items in your home. Metal hairpin legs are the perfect choice for a modern, elegant and ultra-modern living space. At Nguyen Moc Decor, we choose to produce three types with different heights to meet the diverse needs of all including 30cm, 40cm and 70cm to make art wood coffee tables, and art wood dining tables. All hairpin legs are made of d10 d12 powder coat steels. With the 30cm hairpin legs, you can use them in combination with a wooden top to create a unique floor sitting the coffee table. The 40 cm hairpin legs are used to make a coffee table nightstand, side table, furniture, bed, couch. It will be great if you combine that table with a set of sofas. With 70 cm hairpin legs, you can make your own dining tables, work desks or shelves. Just a piece of wood and metal hairpin legs, some screws and a screwdriver you can create yourself a unique product for life. Unlike the cumbersome wooden table legs, the colorful metal hairpin legs will bring a charming beauty to your lovely house. Instead of buying expensive dining chairs or shelves, you can buy yourself some metal hairpin legs to make your own items. You also can make it yourself as gifts to your boss, your friends and relatives. Also, if you do not have time to make their own products, come to Nguyen Moc Décor to choose anything you like from art dining tables, art coffee tables to art wood clocks and wood wine glass holders.